U-Haul packed with animals earns woman prison time

(WMC-TV) – One of the women caught trying to haul more than 100 dogs across the country in the U-Haul pleaded guilty to 14 counts of animal cruelty.

Bonnie Sheehan was pulled over driving a U-Haul cross country. The state trooper said she was pulled over for following dangerously close and swerving.

When they searched the U-Haul, they found 140 dogs and a cat crammed inside.

Sheehan pleaded guilty in part of a plea agreement. In doing so, she assumed all responsibility for the offenses and treatment of the animals. Charges were dropped against another woman, Pamela King-McCracken, who was also on the cross-country ride.

The judge sentenced Sheehan to two years in jail with credit for the seven days she previously served in Fayette County. She will also have to pay a $500 fine.

Sheehan is also not allowed to have any animals during her two year probation period which will follow her time in jail.

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