Dizzy Dean players staying hydrated in summer heat

Dizzy Dean players staying hydrated in summer heat

SOUTHAVEN, MS - (WMC-TV) – Kids across the Mid-South are having fun this summer, while parents and coaches are trying to keep them cool in this dangerous heat.

The Dizzy Dean World Series is in full swing in Southaven, Mississippi. There are literally hundreds of ball players of all ages grinding it out in this triple digit heat hoping to win it all, but also not to be called OUT by the heat.

"It takes lots and lots of water to stay out here and not be consumed by the heat," umpire Jeff Bosley said.

Coaches are preaching hydration just as much as how to run the bases.

"Water Gatorade and that's all," said ballplayer Jackson Garrett.

Jackson Garrett plays catcher, so he has even more equipment bogging him down in the near triple-digit heat.

"It's really hot when you squat down and all that stuff and when you move a lot in it its hard to run," Garrett said.

Fans cheer on with the help of…fans of all shapes and sizes to keep cool.

Even generators plugged in for a portable air conditioner for the dugout, making umpires like Jeff Bosley a little jealous.

"I'm  wishing I was in the stands with them right now because it's a lot cooler up there," Bosley said.

Folks in the stands were seen in shorts, tank tops, and sunglasses. It's quite a different story for Bosley behind the plate.

"We still have to stay in uniform which means long pants, dark shoes, dark hat but at least we have a light colored shirt," he said.

Coaches like Greg Quinlan stock the bench with coolers.

"We keep them hydrated , we put Gatorade in the dugout, we keep plenty of water in them in between innings," Quinlan said.

And it appears most are listening.  Jackson Garrett says he drinks after every inning.

Many of the teams come from all over, and many of the teams from Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama say they came prepared for the long haul. Games are expected to continue into next week.

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