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New web campaign to attract new airlines to Memphis International

(WMC-TV) - There's a new effort to bring different airlines to Memphis International Airport and in turn get passengers lower fares.

It's a web campaign led by the Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton.

The effort is called Come Fly Memphis. The Mayor is behind it and so are other big name Memphis businesses.

Delta Does Memphis is for venting anger and frustration. Come fly Memphis is about making a change with Mayor A.C. Wharton putting his name and face on the effort.

"We wanted to open up an electronic town hall so that everyone who is affected by what's going on at the airport could weigh in," said Mayor Wharton.

And not just weigh in to each other and community leaders but straight to the CEO's of US Airways, United, JetBlue, Southwest, Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant and Virgin America. You write a message to them on the site and it's sent. The goal is to show the other airlines that a majority of Memphis residents want choices and cheaper airfare.

Along with Mayor Wharton this come fly Memphis effort is backed by some big names from businesses to business leaders to the tourism industry.

Graceland, FedEx, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, and Leadership Memphis are just  a few of those businesses.  Some have donated money to build and keep up the site as this effort isn't funded by public funds and is being done by private citizens worried about what the current airline situation will do to the Memphis economy and growth.

"Let's go sell our city and convince other cities to come here," stated Tom Jones with Smart City Consulting.

Come Fly Memphis is on Facebook and Twitter. Tweets have already been sent out using the hash tag #comeflymemphis.  Jones and the Mayor believe this can make a difference.

"We can't continue business as usual and think Delta is one day going to increase the number of flights and increase the price of tickets," Jones said.

The Come Fly Memphis site has gone live the day before Mayor Wharton is scheduled to meet with other regional mayors to discuss what the current situation means for those living outside the city of Memphis.

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