A young lady is beating the odds

Creating landmarks like this is what 12-year-old Nikko Evans wants to do. So on this day, she is touring Memphis ' TRO Architectural firm. She is looking at plans, talking with experts and making models. She herself is a model of strength. "It brings tears to your eyes, heavens, at such a young age, to endure losing both your parents, tragically, you wonder how anybody could survive that, and then you meet Nikko , and you see how extraordinary she is. It's just amazing," said Stephen Berger with TRO Architects. Four years ago, Nikko 's mother was murdered by a boss that wanted a relationship with her. Two years later her father was gunned down while sitting on his front porch. Both parents violently murdered, while she was just a child. However, in the face of unspeakable tragedy, Nikko has flourished. She's an honor student at Snowden School . When many kids would have given up on the future, she dreams of becoming an architect. "God gave me strength to go through it, and my pastor was my aunt Roberta Caine, and my grandmother and family members just helped me," said Nikko Evans. So in honor of her winning the beat the odds award, TRO agreed to mentor her for a day. "She is gifted in more ways than one. She's very creative, and she's very positive, regardless what the outcome or circumstances may be, she always tries to stay focused," said Nikko 's Grandmother Martha Anderson. A 12-year-old Nikko Evans, beating the odds, by design.