Flight attendant nearly ruins man's marriage proposal

Flight Attendant Nearly Ruins Marriage Proposal

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis couple made international headlines when their in-flight marriage proposal hit turbulence.

The couple was returning to the Mid-South from Israel when months of planning on the groom's part were grounded by a flight attendant.

Jacob Klaven and Natalie Cohen will be married next year and he thinks his fiance is perfect.

His planned proposal, however, was not so perfect.

"It's unfortunate that we happened to get on that flight that day," said Klaven.

He wanted the flight crew to play the couple's favorite song, "Lemonade," as he popped the question on a KLM flight from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam.

Once on the plane, he literally got cold feet.

He said Natalie was already using his blanket on the flight, so he asked a flight attendant for an extra.

She refused and Jacob said the flight went downhill from there.

After Natalie spent a long time in the restroom, Jacob went to check on her. Unfortunately, he encountered the same flight attendant again.

"My girlfriend's in there," he said. "I just need to check on her and she's like 'What? Do you want to go in the bathroom with her?'"

Then came the embarrassing part.

"The flight attendant goes 'Man, it must suck to have a boyfriend like that. You can't even use the bathroom in peace.' And this is to, like, the entire plane," he said.

That's when Klaven decided it wasn't the right flight to pop the question, but he did ask for the flight attendant's name.

"Her response was 'I don't have a name,'" Klaven said.

Jacob shared his experience with The Consumerist and the Huffington Post.

Once the story made international headlines, the airline apologized and offered the couple what they consider a small consolation for romance ruined.

They each received a $100 dollar voucher.

"You know, it was going to be perfect and so now forever it will be," he said. "Yes, it was a wonderful day, but we had a horrible flight attendant."

Klaven did pop the question on the connecting Delta flight from Amsterdam to Memphis.

The only thing that didn't go wrong that day?

She said yes.

"I knew she'd say yes. But if she'd said no, I think I probably would have moved to first class," Klaven said while laughing.

Jacob and Natalie are from Memphis, but currently live in Israel.

They flew back to Israel Thursday where they will be married next year.

Unfortunately, their $100 airline vouchers will expire before then.

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