More problems at early voting polls

More Early Voting Problems

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – There are new problems at the polls. One state representative is alleging his race was left entirely off some ballots, just days after the Municipal School referendum was missing from certain ballots.

It's been a stressful week for candidates and election officials in Shelby County as early voting got off to a rocky start, and now one voter is worried she missed out on her chance to vote.

In the middle of campaigning, Representative G.A. Hardaway got a concerning question from a constituent.

The woman told Hardaway she went to vote at the Dave Wells Community Center with her legally blind father who she lives with. They are both Democrats. The daughter voted first then she helped her father vote. The district 93 race which pits G.A. Hardaway against Mike Kernell was on her father's ballot but she doesn't remember it being on hers. She'd planned on voting for Hardaway.

She said her concern with the ballot is that the district 93 race was completely left off her ballot. Election Commission administrator Richard Holden he says that is impossible.

"If two voters live at the same address and each chose the same political party and each did the paperwork, it's not possible that they got different ballots," Holden said.

Holden says there are checks and balances to prevent something like this from happening. He says the election officials at the precincts help the voters get the correct party ballot, confirming this when they check in and when they walk up to the voting machines. From that point, it's up to the voter to make sure they are voting for the correct races.

"The voters shouldn't have to catch it but it's the ultimate responsibility of the voter," Representative Hardaway said.

This, Holden agrees with, both saying make sure you your ballot is correct before you finalize your vote.

"Once you do that your vote is over," Hardaway said.

I also talked to Hardaway's opponent Representative Mike Kernell. He's had several constituents say they were told to vote in the wrong district. He's been working with the election commission to fix this.

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