Covington police officer still on job during TBI investigation

Covington officer previously fired by Shelby Co.
Jack Hall, Photo: Tipton County Sheriff's Office.
Jack Hall, Photo: Tipton County Sheriff's Office.

(WMC-TV) - A Covington police officer is at the center of a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation probe for allegedly conducting police business while he was supposed to be on medical leave.

Covington police officer Jack Hall is out of jail on bond after being arrested last week and charged with buying a gun from a convicted felon.

"Jack is a local guy," said Covington Police Chief Tim Glass. "His family has roots in the city. His grandparents and all have lived here all their lives and we tend to hire local people."

Glass wasn't the chief when Hall was hired, but says the sergeant worked at the Shelby County Sheriff's Office before coming to Covington and was highly recommended by his previous employer.

Hall worked for the Shelby County Sheriff's office for 6 years, but was fired for personal conduct issues.

"Jack had a few issues but we worked around them, nothing serious," Glass said.

Hall used his position as a police officer to try and figure out whether the gun he purchased was stolen, according to court records.

Glass says Hall called Tipton County Central Dispatch to get information about the gun.

According to tapes of Hall's conversation with dispatchers, he claimed he was buying the gun from his father, but didn't trust that the gun wasn't stolen, Glass said.

Hall allegedly had dispatchers check on the gun on July 13. That's the same day Glass was made aware of another problem.

"He contacted some of my officers here. There was a threat made that was brought to my attention during a supervisor's meeting," said Glass.

Glass also said Jack Hall was facing some disciplinary action prior to being put on medical leave in June.

Covington police continue to work with the TBI, and officials say there will likely be more arrests, including the man who gave the gun to Hall.

Hall's next day in court is August 24.

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