Local church group ministers to those involved in Colorado shooting

Church Members In Aurora

(WMC-TV) - Most people watched the shooting tragedy in Colorado on the news. But members of the Pentecostal Church of Memphis have been living the chaos in Aurora, Colorado.

"We believe that we were uniquely placed in the city of aurora by God's plan," said Reverend Jason Huckaby.

The group was in Aurora, staying less than two miles from the movie theater where the shooting occurred.

They were originally in town to help build up a new church, but the Memphians changed their plans and walked out on the streets to minister to the many hurting people.

"I don't think words can explain what they felt to think teenagers their own age were killed in that massacre and then how that relates to them," Huckaby said.

"I could not believe this," said John Shepherd, one of the teenagers on the trip. "I didn't know what to do besides go to the Lord and go outreach and help everybody out."

From vigils outside the movie theater to holding their own prayer vigil outside a church, the group tried to bring peace to a situation no one understands.

From the minute they heard about the shootings through twitter, they wanted to be there for the people of Aurora.

"It was chaos," Huckaby said. "It was shut down. But that night people still didn't know if their loved ones had been hurt or injured."

They saw things only people at the scene could witness.

"Walking by and seeing all the cars that were left abandoned in the parking lot of people who had been shot or have been killed," Huckaby said.

The group will be returning to Memphis tomorrow with heavy hearts after hearing so many stories of loss. They hope their words and encouragement have made a difference.

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