State confirms hundreds of Shelby County ballots cast in error

Shelby County Ballots Cast In Error

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – The State of Tennessee confirms hundreds of Shelby County ballots cast in error during early voting.

Action News 5 Investigators are working to determine what these wrong ballots mean for voters and the outcome of the August second election.

A member of the Election Commission said they are working to correct the problem. It is a problem local leaders fear will make people wonder if they should even bother to go to the polls.

"For the State Coordinator to admit that 13-hundred plus citizens were given the wrong ballot, what are they going to do about it?" asked Peg Watkins, head of the League Of Women Voters.

That is a question that has no answer for now. Jackson Baker, political analyst for our  news partner the Memphis Flyer reports that the State Election Coordinator Mark Goins confirmed allegations that there was a 5 percent error rate in early voting.

It is something Shelby County Commission Candidate Steve Ross pointed out.

"It validates what I brought forward and it helps inform the public to be as informed as possible when they go into the polls to be sure they get the correct ballot," Ross said.

I talked with Richard Holden, Administrator of Elections for the Shelby County Election Commission by phone . He told me he was not aware of Mark Goins' comments and so he could not comment.

State Representative GA Hardaway got notice from a voter there was a problem with early voting.

He told me it is time for "heads to roll at the Election Commission. And there needs to be more oversight from the State Election Coordinator in Shelby County elections."

Peg Watkins is not surprised by the problems.

"I live in Memphis. I live in Shelby County. Nothing that happens really surprises me," she said.

The solution to the problem is not clear at this point. Some experts say the people whose vote did not count and are just out of luck. Others say a lawsuit could be looming.

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