State jobs are on the line for Medicaid specialists in Miss.

(WMC-TV) - People in Mississippi might have a little something to worry about today.

State jobs are on the line this morning, and an unspecified number of Medicaid specialists have to prove their educational qualifications - or face termination.

Medicaid's executive director sent out letters notifying the workers they had to submit several documents. They have to submit proof of their educational transcripts and other information that was previously cleared by the state personnel board when they were initially hired.

The specialists, who process Medicaid applications, are required to have a bachelor's degree.

And some of the employees have been on the job for decades. Brenda Scott, MASE president has concerns.

"They're sitting on pins and needles now because they don't know the outcome of this pre-termination hearing that they're facing." said Scott.

The number of Medicaid employees who will be affected has not been released. We will keep you posted.

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