Judge rules library cards are not a valid voting ID

Judge rules library cards will not be accepted at polls

(WMC-TV) – A Tennessee state judge ruled Memphis library cards will not be accepted as a valid form of identification for people hoping to vote.

This ruling comes after a long battle between Memphis Mayor A C Wharton and state leaders.

Mayor Wharton said today's ruling does not come without a silver lining.

Memphis Mayor Wharton caused a firestorm when he told the public they could use the new Memphis Library cards as Voter IDs, even after the state said they are not valid.

A restraining order that would have allowed library cards to be used as photo I.D cards was denied Wednesday.

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Memphis resident and the city.

The judge who heard that lawsuit sided with the state and said the new library cards are not a valid voter ID.

The mayor's twitter feed did say that the judge actually said Memphis leaders should be commended for trying to give voters access to the polls.

This is part of a statement sent by the Tennessee secretary of State Tre Hargett about the decision:

"The legislature clearly intended that only state or federal photo IDs can be used, which prevents us from accepting county or city IDs."

He went on to say that election workers would be diligent to make sure everyone has a proper and valid ID so they can vote.

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