Neighbors ready to face burglars in Tipton County

Residents in Tipton County notice increase in home burglaries

(WMC-TV) - Some Tipton County residents say desperate times call for desperate measures.

After a rash of home burglaries, residents say enough is enough.

"Frightening, you're scared to leave your house even if you've got it locked up," says resident Sam McDaniel.

Pickens Store Road outside Covington is normally a peaceful setting.

Residents along the road cannot believe this rural area is being targeted.

Sam McDaniel has lived there for 25 years.

His wife and neighbors all agree that you cannot be too safe.

"I've got a gun, she's got a gun, we're both licensed to carry guns, we're gonna get an alarm system put on our house and lock up everything we've got," said McDaniel.

Tipton County Sheriff's deputies say there have been six home burglaries reported in just two days.

There have also been similar burglary cases reported in Haywood County.

The sheriff's department says the suspects are breaking into the homes in broad daylight.

They are going to the front door, knocking, and if no one answers, they kick the door down and take what is inside.

Deputies say the thieves are taking electronics, flat screen TVs, jewelry, and handguns.

Sam McDaniel says if a burglar comes knocking at his door, he plans to greet them with a gun before they try to steal it.

"You're scared to come home and you're scared to leave, but you gotta go to work," he said.

If you have any information that can help solve these burglaries, call the Tipton County Sheriff's Department at 901-475-3300.

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