Strong beer now allowed in MS, if you can find it

Strong beer now allowed in MS, if you can find it

(WMC-TV) – A recent law change in Mississippi is making some beer harder to find because stores are having a hard time keeping it on the shelves.

The recent change to the law allows beer with a higher alcohol content to be sold in stores. Even though the stronger beers are now allowed, you won't find the beer on tap at your local bar or on the shelves quite yet.

"Suppliers couldn't send us beer until after July 1, they couldn't enter the state," said Jeff Brasher, Clark Beverage Group.

Bars like The Big League Sports Bar in Southaven are lining up for a new bottle to pop.

"We actually already ordered some, and it should be in, I don't know exactly when," said Joshua Chincarini, The Big League Sports Bar.

Jeff Brasher manages the Southaven Clark Beverage group, and he expects the beers to be available in the coming weeks.

Jackson, Mississippi was one of the first areas to get the new beer and it is flying off of the shelves.

Establishments in northern Mississippi are hoping for similar results.

"People of course want to try different beers, they don't want to drink the same beer over and over and new product is always better, people love new product," said Chincarini.

The stronger beers can pack a punch, on the palette and the price tag.

"These are not a 99 cent 24 oz can, a lot of these are as much as $16 to $18 a bottle, they're like buying a fine wine," said Brasher.

Because many people have never tried the new beers coming in, the Filling Station Bar and Grill is having a sampling on August 24 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. There will be between eight and ten beers to sample. Each sample will cost $1. All of the money raised will go to the Samaritans of Southaven and Horn Lake.

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