Shelby County poll problems under investigation

Shelby County poll problems under investigation

(WMC-TV) - The Shelby County election is under investigation by the state of Tennessee.

Officials say voters deserve better and election commission officials say they are willing to work to correct problems that have not already been corrected.

An audit by the state comptroller could help keep things fixed.

Shelby County Election Administrator Richard Holden told Action News 5 that there are issues with every election. But the Tennessee Secretary of State says problems at the polls during early voting have further eroded confidence in the election process.

Secretary Hargett sent a letter to the state comptroller requesting an audit of the Shelby County Election Commission after hearing concerns from legislators from both political parties.

Hargett cites, in part, the up to 2,000 voters who may have been given incorrect ballots during early voting, specifically in recently annexed areas.

"We certainly need to go ahead and initiate having a comptroller's audit to determine exactly how in the world we need to go forward in making cure Shelby Countians (sic) can cast their votes with confidence not only in this election but all future elections," said Hargett.

State officials say you should not press the "cast ballot" button on the machine if you feel there is a problem because there is no turning back and you cannot vote twice.

The state coordinator of elections has already sent two officials to help resolve issues at the election commission.

There is no indication of when the state comptroller might begin an audit.

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