Program aims to keep kids in the ring, away from crime

Program aims to keep kids in the ring, away from crime

(WMC-TV) – The Memphis Police Department is thinking 'Outside the Box' and is teaching kids an alternative to violence.

The program aims at using boxing as a positive alternative to negative behavior so that when the struggles of life hit below the belt, they will still be standing.

'Outside the Box' is a collaborative summer program by the Memphis Police Crime Prevention Unit, Streets Ministries, and Memphis Park Services.

The program serves to deter both boys and girls from drugs and gangs by introducing them to the basics of boxing.

"We're teaching them about conflict resolution. We're teaching them how to make good choices in life," said Memphis Police Department Deputy Chief Anthony Berryhill.

With a focus on fitness and confidence, many students look forward to sticking to the sport even when school in back in session.

"After school I'm going to do my homework and then come to the gym," said youth boxer Robbi Williams.

"I've been wanting to do it since back in the day but I've never had anyone to train me or anything," said youth boxer Christian Green.

Now that Christian Green can throw a few punches, I asked if he would show me a few combinations.

"Out of 90 to 100 kids that volunteered to be in this program, if we reach one or two of them we feel that is a success," said Berryhill.

The sponsors for 'Outside the Box' hope to extend the program throughout the year. The target group for students range from eight to 18.

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