TN man found in foreclosed home with teenage runaways

Tennessee Man Found In Foreclosed Home With Runaways

(WMC-TV) – A Tennessee man was found in a foreclosed home with runaways. Now, the Action News 5 Investigators are tracking a possible Memphis connection.

The man is behind bars in Nashville.  Ashley King is charged with two counts of harboring runaway teens.

This is 50-year-old Ashley King in Nashville at a home that is in foreclosure. And this is a 17-year-old runaway Nashville police say was living with him along with 15-year-old runaway Khloe Bryant.

"My heart was broken because she doesn't know anything about this guy. I don't know him," said Angela Bryant, on of the teen's guardian.

Police found out about King and his living arrangement after our sister station in Nashville was doing an investigation on King living in the foreclosed house that he did not own or rent.

That is when the teens were discovered. Police arrested King.

The 17-year-old teenage girl living with King is missing from Mt. Juliet, a town just outside of Nashville.

King would not answer questions about what he was doing living with two teenage girls.

"It's scary because I'm wondering what he has these teenage girls doing. And why he has them at his house," Bryant said.

Our sister station discovered longtime state Representative Alvin King who died in 2009 had a son named Ashley. I went to King's Memphis home where the woman who answered the door was evasive when we asked about a possible connection.

Action News 5 talked with friends of the King family, but no one seemed to know about the arrest to confirm if this was indeed the same Ashley King.

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