West TN penitentiary on lock-down after fight

West TN Penitentiary on lock-down after fight

(WMC-TV) - The West Tennessee Correctional Facility in Lauderdale County is on lock down after a fight where several inmates were rushed to the hospital.

The fight broke out Sunday morning around the time inmates were lining up for breakfast.

Shortly after the fight broke out at the penitentiary, calls for ambulances were all over medical dispatch scanners.

Cecil Crowder lives a short distance away from the prison and was monitoring the scanners.  By phone, he told us that some of the injured were rushed to the hospital by medical helicopter.

"Just carried one out and they got another helicopter coming in for another one," Crowder said.

At the front entrance to the prison, officials began telling the media and people who showed up to visit inmates that visiting day was canceled.

"Yeah they said no visitors cause they had a riot some guys got hurt and they're on lockdown," stated Julia Golliday, a grandmother of one of the inmates.

Tensions were high.  In addition to guards walking around on foot, you could also see guards patrolling the area in vehicles.

The situation is especially troubling to people who have loved ones locked up here because while they know a fight happened they don't know if their loved one was involved.

"I'm on the outside, he's on the inside," stated Alicia Woods, fiancé to one of the inmates.  "I want to know if he is okay or if he was involved in the incident or what," she added.

"Make me feel bad.  I want to know how my baby is doing," Golliday said.

Dorinda Carter, prison spokeswoman, told us by phone that four inmates were injured.

"The facility is secure and on lockdown while we work to determine exactly how this happened," Carter explained.

Prison officials have told us three of the four inmates suffered non-critical injuries and are now back at the prison.

Officials say that fourth inmate is still being treated at the hospital.  However his exact injuries have not been released yet.

We're told no guards or other staff members were injured during the disturbance.

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