Man accused of killing parents, kidnapping sister, appears in court

Antonio Whitlow
Antonio Whitlow

(WMC-TV) – An Arkansas man suspected of killing his parents and abducting his sister made his first court appearance Monday.

Now, we are hearing for the first time from the woman who helped take care of him. She wonders if she could have been his next victim.

Antonio Whitlow faces murder charges in Arkansas. But for the time being, those charges will have to wait.

Whitlow is behind bars in Memphis on a previous aggravated assault charge involving his former housemate at a Memphis rooming house.

Earlier this year, Shirley King was providing shelter to Whitlow.

"Oh, he a terrific guy at times," King said about Whitlow. "But you know, he just had this bipolar schizophrenia."

In March, Whitlow attacked King with a box cutter during an argument with Anthony Banks, a fellow rooming house resident.

In May, he was arrested again and charged with following Banks and stabbing him in the back at a bus stop near Banks' job.

Now, he is accused of killing his parents in Little Rock.

"Not surprised. Like I said, I'm surprised at the parents. I never thought he'd do his parents like that. Anybody else? Not hard for me to believe," said King.

Whitlow was captured in Memphis Saturday night. He had his sister with him, who was unharmed.

On Monday, he made his initial court appearance on the aggravated assault charge associated with Banks' stabbing.

While Whitlow brought up extradition to Arkansas, the judge declined to discuss the topic.

"He told me his mom didn't like him because of his brother's death. But he never told me if he killed him or not," said King. "He told me he went to jail and pleaded insanity, like, he told 'em he couldn't do nothing for himself so they took him to a mental institution place."

King says she last saw Whitlow about one week ago when he showed up asking her to let him stay again.

She said she would have allowed it at the time, but had no room.

"If he did that to his parents, what would he have done to me?" she asked. "I've never been scared or afraid but now after this happened it kinda shook me up a little bit. It shook me up a little bit."

Bond for Whitlow is set at $50,000. He is due back in court next Monday.

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