Parents can track kids' bus routes online

Parents can track kids' bus routes online

(WMC-TV) - DeSoto County parents now have a way to keep track of their children's bus routes online.

It won't be long before idle busses in DeSoto County open doors for thousands of student riders.

"We have 400 buses running over 800 bus routes this year," said District Transportation Director John Caldwell.

With so many bus routes serving several different schools in the district, Caldwell said parents everywhere want to know which bus their child will be riding

"People wait till the last minute to call us and it's almost impossible to get in through the phone lines," Caldwell said.

This year, routes, pick-up, and drop off times can be found online.

Parents can go to the school's website, enter their address, and find the nearest stop.

"They can get online the night before school starts at midnight when we're gone and still check this route," Caldwell said.

With triple digit heat and no air conditioning on the bus many parents opt to take their children to school the first couple of weeks, before switching them to the bus system.

Caldwell said new riders and stops can impact the route times, so now officials can update parents through the website.

"Maybe someone hasn't ridden the first week of school, but now they want to find out what route they're riding and it changed from day one to day seven," Caldwell said.

Some worry that the site could make it easier for predators, but Caldwell says the site doesn't tell all.

"They can't access where students live at all, so there's no student information available to anybody."

The website only works for addresses confirmed by the district.

If you don't see a route by your house, you can call the transportation offices at 662.349.4212.

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