Reward paid out for tip in Adam Mayes investigation

Mayes Reward Delivered

(WMC-TV) - The mobile home where Adam Mayes lived with his wife Teresa and his mother and father in the Alpine community in Miss. is cleaned up and ready for a new renter to move in Wednesday.

The landlord gave Action News 5 an exclusive look inside.

The trailer is where the Bain children spent a lot of time on their many visits with Adam Mayes.

The landlord says Mayes used the master bedroom with its own bath. He said Mayes had a lot of pornographic DVD's in his room. His family took the furniture and belongings that were inside.

It was behind this trailer where investigators discovered the buried bodies of JoAnn Bain and her 14 year old daughter.

Her two other daughters were discovered safe in nearby woods after Mayes shot himself while sitting right next to them.

"All I know is whoever got that money they should have give it to them little girls cause of all the drama they went through," said Ronnie Rich, who lives nearby. "They are the ones who really suffered."

The FBI announced the reward offered in the case around $170,000 was paid out to more than one person.

"I ain't heard nothing on it," said Ricky Mayben. "I only heard there was a reward. I didn't know how much or what."

The FBI will not release the names of the people who received the reward.

"Not a lot of people got money around here so if they think you got money then you might be a victim," Mayben said.

The FBI said if the people who received the reward for their tips had not told investigators what they knew, officers would not have found Mayes and the two Bain girls as quickly as they did.

The FBI said reward money is taxed.

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