Adam Mayes' neighbor speaks out about arrest during investigation

Neighbor of Adam Mayes tells his side

(WMC-TV) – The man who lived across the street from a killer is speaking out.

Ronnie "Hollywood" Rich lived across the street from Adam Mayes in Alpine, Mississippi. Mayes is the man who killed JoAnn and Adrienne Bain and kidnapped the younger Bain girls, Alexandria and Kyliyah.

Rich is talking for the first time since the ordeal. He remembers seeing the Bain's two youngest daughters frequently with Adam Mayes.

"Those girls have been coming down here for the last two years," said Rich. "They been over swimming in my pool."

Rich also remembers investigators arresting him after the murders.

"I'm the one they arrested saying I gave them the gun he had on him," Rich said.

Rich said the gun Mayes used to shoot himself in the head when he was caught was not his gun. But he does have a theory about how he got mixed up in the case.

"That put me in the middle of it because I bought the bike," Rich explained.

Rich bought a motorcycle from Adam Mayes just before the murders and kidnapping. He paid $3,000 for it, but didn't hand the money to Mayes, who was gone. Instead he gave it to Mayes' mother, Mary.

Rich said it was not unusual for Mayes to disappear.

"It wasn't nothing out of the ordinary for that guy to take off for two to three weeks," Rich said.

Rich says Mayes often bought and sold cars and motorcycles.

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