Shooting range reopens after Mississippi floods

Shooting range reopens after Mississippi floods

(WMC-TV) – A skeet shooting range once drowned by flood waters has reopened.

Willows Sporting Clays and Hunting Center in Tunica spent the last year rebuilding. Now, all of that hard work has paid off.

The sports center offers a chance for guests to take a break from the casinos and hunt, use firing ranges, and just get outside.

"We continue to look for revenue generating opportunities that will continue to allow us to attract both gaming and non-gaming to the Tunica market," said Scott Barber, Caesars Entertainment.

After being under 17 feet of water, employees have been rebuilding the facility all while working from a golf course.

And as folks got a firsthand look at the new grounds, many say it is the last card in the deck as this town refuses to let the river win the hand.

Town leaders hope the facility will bring in more revenue, and the facility may see a lot of that money in August when leaders say they're all booked up for weekends already.

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