Sheriff donates land to boost quality of life in DeSoto County

Sheriff donates land to improve quality of life in DeSoto County

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South sheriff and his family are donating several acres of land to enhance the Greenways project.

DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco's job is to keep citizens safe, but now he may be keeping them active thanks to a land donation from his family to the county's Greenways project.

About 21 acres of the Rasco family's land near Southaven High School may soon be the site of an outdoor classroom, as well as walking and nature trails.

DeSoto County Greenways already has a couple of finished sites in the county to encourage healthier lifestyles.

County Supervisor Mark Gardner says the donation will boost the quality of life, as well as add another way to sell DeSoto County to potential businesses looking to move to the area.

"For our citizens that are already here we want them to have access to natural Greenways and trails and lakes, and its also, as we attract new business and industry, they always ask us about the quality of life issue, with parks and recreation and Greenways," said DeSoto County Supervisor Mark Gardner.

Sheriff Rasco said the land has been in his family for years and they believed in the project's goals, so it seemed like the perfect reason to donate the land.

County Supervisor Mark Gardner says parks and recreation will merge with the Greenways projects, so now leaders will need to appoint a commissioner to oversee the development as it moves forward.

But aside from an outdoor classroom and some new trails on the donated land, Gardner mentioned a fishing pond, or possibly a disc golf course as options later down the line.

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