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Police continue to investigate downtown high-rise death

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(WMC-TV) – Some people who live in downtown Memphis are concerned after a woman's body was found in the stairwell of a high-rise apartment.

Police have listed the death as suspicious. They have not yet released the victim's name but they say the woman was 57 years old.

Downtown Memphis Commission President Paul Morris shares the sentiment of concerned tenants at the Renaissance Apartments on North Main Street.

"We feel very bad for her and her family," said Morris.

Tuesday afternoon, someone found the woman in the stairwell of the 19th floor. They also found blood in the stairwell on another floor of the 25-story high-rise.

"I hope it's not random. I don't think it is," said Kyle Turner, who lives in the Renaissance Apartment building.

Tenants say many business professionals live in the building. They describe it as quaint and secure. They each have their own swipe card to get in.

That is why they cannot imagine how a random person could have entered the building.

Morris said he is not privy to intimate details of the case, but he wanted to reassure residents that violent crime in downtown Memphis is rare.

"To the extent that we've had them in the past decade in downtown, all of them have been relationship-based. Most violent crime occurs between people who know each other," said Morris.

In 2000, when the building was known as 99 Tower Place Apartments, a man stabbed his wife on the 14th floor and then jumped to his own death.

Still, the downtown police precinct has fewer calls and violent crime than any other precinct in Memphis.

"Criminals don't like witnesses. Downtown has more witnesses per acre than any other area in this region. We've got more security officers than any other place in this region, more police. That's why the crime rate is so low downtown," said Morris.

Renaissance Apartment management had no comment.

Police cannot release any further details in this ongoing investigation.

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