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Clergy members gather to support LGBT community

(WMC-TV) – The LGBT community in Memphis is getting big support from area clergy members.

The clergy members stood outside of the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center announcing their formation and support for marriage equality.

"We seek to provide a place where they can be loved and supported for who they are just the way they are just the way that god created them to be," said Reverend Joseph Wallace Williams, Grace Saint Luke's Episcopal Church.

"I believe in the equality of marriage because every couple, every relationship deserves the protection to honor it and show the world how much they value it," said Reverend Dr. Rosalyn Regina Nichols, Freedom's Chapel.

In May, Reverend William Owens and a group of African-American pastors announced their displeasure over President Obama's support of gay marriage.

But these clergy disagree.

"My job is to love my neighbor as myself," said Reverend Sonia Loudon Walker.

And they banded together as a direct result.

"If they're going to form a coalition, form a coalition for the homeless people in this city, for the mentally ill, for the used and abused, form a coalition that's gonna help all humankind," said Davin Clemons, Cathedral of Praise.

"Welcoming and affirming gay and lesbian couples and families will strengthen all families by bringing the exiles home," agreed Rabbi Micah Greenstein.

The group says it started one week ago with nine members, but now they are already up to 30. They plan to keep meeting in hopes of exacting change.

"It's time for us to move on. There are a lot of important issues for us to deal with in this city," said Will Batts. "And we need to move on."

The presidential election is in November.

This group plan to keep meeting long beyond that because they believe the issue will not be solved with an election.

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