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Arsonists target mobile home community...again

(WMC-TV) – A mobile home community abandoned after floodwaters invaded the property in 2011 is the target of arsonists. It is a problem that continues to get worse as trailer after trailer goes up in flames.

The district attorney's office wants the Country View Mobile Home Community declared a nuisance. The land owners actually agree. They just want something to happen before someone gets hurt.

Code enforcement officers say there are roughly 100 trailers in the community. Out of the 100, 34 of them have burned in the past few months. According to an invoice, it has cost the fire department more than $8,300 to respond since August 5.

Just overnight, six more trailers caught fire. Investigators say an arsonist is to blame.

"I hope they get caught, I hope they get caught," said property manager Junious Scott. "Because, you know, I mean, will it be my home or your home next? Never know."

Each trailer in the park is individually owned. But according to the property manager, the owners don't want anything to do with the trailers since floodwaters ravaged the area last year.

Scott said he is ready to bulldoze the entire area if a judge grants legal authority by declaring it a public nuisance.

This issue goes back before a judge this Friday morning.

Sheriff's investigators are still searching for the person responsible for setting the fires.

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