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Kenneth Whalum set to file lawsuit for recount

(WMC-TV) – If you thought the battle over the Shelby County ballots was over, think again. Kenneth Whalum Jr. is suing the Shelby County Election Commission over the August 2 Results.

That's right, Whalum, who is the Unified Shelby County School Board Commissioner, is calling for a recount.

Whalum says he and the citizens of Shelby County were cheated out of a fair election.

And Wednesday, he's filing a lawsuit to prove it.

That lawsuit names each member of the Shelby County Election Commission and maintains that the election results are fraudulent.

Earlier this month, Whalum lost his District 4 seat by just 88 votes to opponent Kevin Woods, who is also named in the action. Richard Holden, the Administrator of Elections, was also named.

In the lawsuit, Whalum claims the commission issued incorrect ballots and refused to allow voters with proper ID to vote.

Problems during the primary elections are already under investigation with the state of Tennessee.

Whalum wants the court to discard the election results and hold a re-vote.

That lawsuit is expected to be filed at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Chancery Court.

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