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Two robbery suspects apprehended when they ask for a weapon back

FORREST CITY, AR - (WMC-TV) – Two Forrest City, Arkansas suspects almost got away with their crime, until police say they asked their victim for their weapon back. 

That apparently wasn't the best plan.  Because now the two suspects are behind bars, and a lot of people in Forrest City are laughing. 

"Yeah it's pretty stupid to me, if you ask me," one resident said. 

That seemed to be the general consensus in Forrest City where many people who either know or know of 19-year-old Dominique Tobar and 21-year-old Jeremy Buchanan say the crime they are accused of is well, stupid. 

This is the reaction I got from almost everyone when I told them what the two men are accused of...laughter. 

Forrest City police charged Tobar and Buchanan with aggravated robbery and criminal attempt to commit first degree murder.  

Investigators say the men are accused of putting a gun to the head of a victim as he left a relative's house. The victim struggled and he was shot in the leg while resisting a robbery. The suspects dropped their gun and the victim picked it up.  Later police say both suspects confronted the victim asking for the gun back. 

"I wouldn't went to nobody's house to get a pistol," a resident said. 

Police say after the suspects returned for the gun the victim was able to identify them. 

"That's stupid. That's stupid." 

"I ain't shocked of it," another resident said. 

Forrest City Police Chief E.P. Reynolds said in a news release he would not recommend fighting an attacker.  He did not comment on the crime itself.  

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