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Victoria Lopez Pays It Forward: 09/03/12


After a couple of minutes and a few cars passing by, we notice Victoria Lopez approaching us in the distance. She just happens to be passing by at exactly the right moment.

Victoria has gone through some very difficult challenges and finds herself homeless at the moment. Her friend is in the same boat. There is a man who has helped her out by giving her a place to stay. She decides to help him out.

Victoria has chosen Rogelio Saenz as the recipient of $300. Rogelio lives about a quarter mile away, so we decide to walk to Rogelio's house with Victoria. 

On the way, Victoria tells us that Rogelio has helped change her viewpoint in life. She has been a negative person most of her life and Rogelio has helped her become a positive thinker. 

Rogelio's family lives in Mexico and he wants to go home and see them. Victoria feels that he could use $300 to go to Mexico and visit his family.

When we arrive, Victoria knocks on the door and counts out $300. Rogelio replies, "Por Que?" and Victoria says it's because "We love you and we appreciate you!"

Rogelio accepts the $300 and Victoria explained that it felt good to help someone out in return.  She feels that he deserved it more than anyone else for all that he has done for her.

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon. You could become our next playmaker!!

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