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Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Jr.'s Fish & Chicken (& Gyros!), plus scores

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(WMC TV) - THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Jr.'s Fish & Chicken (formerly Castle Restaurant), 3992 Park Ave., Memphis, (901) 320-1020.

The name on the sign buries the lead.

Yes, you can stuff your face with fried catfish and chicken wings at the newly anointed Jr.'s Fish & Chicken near the University of Memphis Park Ave. campus.

But the leading menu item here is what made the former Castle Restaurant the home kitchen of many students and faculty in the first place.

"Best gyro in town," said customer Adam Glaser of Germantown, TN.

Lebanese-born Nada Hammoud still manages the restaurant, in spite of the name change.

She still manages to slow-cook, shave and sear some of the best tasting lamb & beef gyros, topped with a dollop of Greek tzatziki sauce (cucumber, garlic, sour cream).

"We order the gyro salad," said Sylwia Feibelmin, along with her bashful lunch companion. "All the cucumbers and tomatoes, we love it."

"My favorite dishes are, one, the hummus," said Jim Stanton, a California resident who travels weekly to teach at the U of M. He eats at Jr.'s several times each trip.

"Then the baklava and the spanakopita (spinach-stuffed pie with onions, cheese, and Greek spices)," he added. "Most of them are homemade, so they're all real good."

What's really good about Hammoud and Jr.'s Fish and Chicken is they earned the High Score of the Week. They rated a 96 on the restaurant's Aug. 26 health inspection.

"Keeping it clean, all the time," said Hammoud as she juggled a couple plates of Greek chicken salad.

Here, Nada, let me take one of those off your hands...

WHAT ANDY LIKES: Lamb & Beef Gyro, Gyro Salad, Greek Chicken Salad, Cheap Lunch Specials ($5.99) w/Huge Portions! 


Lenny's Sub Shop, 3750 Hacks Cross Rd., Southeast Memphis, 95 on Aug. 27 

Subway, 6415 Summer Ave., Bartlett, TN, 95 on Aug. 28 

Baskin Robbins, 7110 Winchester Rd., Hickory Hill/SE Memphis, 95 on Aug. 29 

Pita Café, 3950 Park Ave., U of M Park Ave. Campus, 88 on Aug. 28 

Piccadilly Cafeteria, 5272 Mt. Moriah Rd., Fox Meadows/SE Memphis, 84 on Aug. 30 

Pizza Hut, 1961 Union Ave., Midtown Memphis, 83 on Aug. 27 

Wing's House, 630 N. Highland St., Highland Heights/E. Memphis, 81 on Aug. 28 

Popeye's Chicken, 8449 Highway 51 N., Millington, TN, 79 on Aug. 27 

Clicks Billiards, 3705 Malco Way, Hickory Hill/SE Memphis, 79 on Aug. 29 

Rio Loco, 117 Union Ave., Downtown Memphis, 78 on Aug. 30 

The Majestic Grille, 145 S. Main St., Downtown Memphis, 74 on Aug. 29 

Willie Moore's, 109 S. Main St., Downtown Memphis, 68, date not listed 

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