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MY TURN: Animal shelter abuse

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It's been a stain on the City of Memphis for far too long now, so I didn't think there would be much about the Memphis Animal Shelter that could shock me at this point, but I was wrong. As we heard the details of the criminal cases yesterday of animal cruelty at the shelter by city employees, it was sickening. It's very hard to imagine that people could be so heartless in their treatment of animals. This is a sore that has festered for far too long. Like many of you, I hoped that with a new facility, new management and more attention from the administration of Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton, that this situation would improve, but it sure sounded a lot like the same old, same old in the courtroom yesterday. I'll give the city credit for conducting the investigation that led to these cruelty indictments, but I think all of us are looking forward to the day when the name Memphis Animal Shelter means what it says.

In response to this 'My Turn' editorial, an e-mail came in from an Action News 5 viewer we wanted to share.

"On Thursday 9/6/2012 I went to Memphis Animal Shelter off of Appling with a friend who was adopting a dog. My friend adopted very cute Jack Russell named Gizmo.

What I saw while I was there was a very pleasant surprise. To begin with the place was spotlessly clean. You could have eaten off of the floors. No easy trick, I imagine with so many animals and all of the wonderful people coming and going to adopt them. While I was there I witnessed several dogs being adopted. I saw people bringing in paperwork to insure that they had a proper fenced in yard for the particular large breed that they were adopting. I saw people receiving good advice about the breeds they were considering adopting. What struck me the most was how wonderfully caring all of the people working there were to the animals as well as the people looking for their lost pets or looking to adopt new family members. Everyone from the folks behind the desks to people handling the animals really seemed to genuinely care very much for the animals. It was clear that their mission was to find good homes for the animals that needed them.

I am aware of some of the past incidents at Memphis Shelters. I realize that I could not possibly know everything that happens at the shelter in short time that I was there. I am also aware of attempts remedy these problems. I just came away from there yesterday so impressed that I feel it right and necessary to acknowledge that it sure seemed to me that we may finally be on the right track.

I would like to say all of the folks at the shelter good job and thank you."

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