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Jerry Lawler has a lot of history in Memphis

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Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler

(WMC-TV) - Before Jerry Lawler became "The King", he began as a disc jockey hoping to break into wrestling.

In 1970, he did just that as he trained and won wrestling titles. But, he had a bigger plan, which he explained to Action News 5 in 2009.

"In 1977 I walked in on Union Avenue into Channel 5 WMC studios and a general manager I never saw before in my life, I told him, ‘Would you like to have me come and start a wrestling company at your TV station?' Walked in off the street, started with absolutely nothing and built one of the most successful wrestling companies in the entire country," said Lawler in 2009.

It gave Lawler a legion of fans nationwide and in turn, made him a successful businessman.

His wrestling empire put him as an ambassador of sorts in Memphis for 40 years, both in the wresting ring and as a commentator.

Jerry "The King" Lawler also became an accomplished commercial artist, painting for various companies including a wrestling comic book called "Headlocked".

He was even a trusted pitch man you saw in local commercials.

But twice, his love for the bluff city in 1999 and in 2009, pushed him out of the wrestling ring and on the streets of Memphis talking about his vision to run for mayor of Memphis.

"I think this city needs to be run like a business and I've run a business a successful business. Started from scratch and made it into something," he said in 2009 during an Action News 5 mayoral debate.

Lawler finished 5th in voting out of more than a dozen candidates.

He is a wrestler, entertainer, artist, and visionary, and at 62 year old, most agree, he has plenty of life left.

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