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Jerry Lawler stabilized after heart surgery

(WMC-TV) – Jerry "The King" Lawler is stabilized after having a heart attack Monday night during a WWE wrestling match.

Lawler's best friend and business partner, Joe Cooper, told Action News 5 he took Lawler's girlfriend, Lauryn McBride, to the airport Tuesday morning to be by his side.

Action News 5's Dave Brown is a good friend of Lawler, as well. He has been in touch with the wrestler's family, who says he is breathing on his own but is not verbally responding to doctors or visitors.

"Saturday night he complained of chest pains and he blew it off as something he ate. He doesn't ever complain and he's very healthy," said Cooper.

Cooper says he last saw his friend at the airport Monday morning. Lawler was headed to Canada.

"All of a sudden all heck broke loose, the phone starting ringing," Cooper described.

Cooper says he awoke Monday night to news that Lawler had suffered a heart attack.

He said his friend always had a good appetite.

"He loves to eat, but he doesn't abuse his body with drugs or alcohol. Never had a beer," Cooper explained. "There's a reason why at 62 years old he can lift a 400 pound man and throw him across the street."

According to Cooper, Lawler was working on a new Memphis wrestling show. He says people everywhere were anticipating "The King's" return.

"LeBron James called him the other day and said "King, I just want you to know I saw you the other day on RAW and you're the real King," said Cooper.

Lawler was rushed to a Montreal hospital where he underwent emergency heart surgery and is now stabilized.

Action News 5's Jerica Phillips asked Cooper if this is the end for the King in the ring.

"Have you lost your mind? He'll be back...NO," he answered.

Cooper says with the 'OK' from doctors, Lawler will return to wrestling and make a full recovery.

"I think if everybody in the viewing area says a little prayer for him he's going to be fine," he said.

If you would like to wish Lawler well, feel free to leave a comment on the Action News 5 Facebook page.

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