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Sinkhole turns heads at downtown park

(WMC-TV) – A sinkhole is raising some eyebrows at Tom Lee Park.

Right now, the sinkhole appears to have a circumference of about 10 to 12 inches. It is located about 20 yards from the park's main parking lot.

Quite a bit of yellow caution tape is surrounding the small hole. People at the park say they are not too impressed with the size of it but they are getting a kick out of the attention it seems to be getting.

Action News 5's Nick Kenney asked some passersby what they think of when they hear the word "sinkhole".

"Think huge. I think like, a car stuck in it or something. I don't think you can get a gopher inside there," said Tony Sperry.

"It can wash bigger and get larger. It could go plum to the river back to the bank over here. It depends on the wash out that's underneath it," said Ron Lefler, who was visiting the park.

So while what you cannot see may be dangerous, what you can see is hardly a threat to the king's reign atop this town's tourism industry.

"You're not gonna be known for a sinkhole at Tom Lee Park. Stick with Memphis in May," said Sperry.

Public works crews are working to find out what is causing the sinkhole before it gets any bigger.

The city is dye testing the drainage system. They hope to figure out the problem by tomorrow and a repair plan in place by Friday.

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