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Jerry Lawler continues to recover after heart attack

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(WMC-TV) – Jerry "The King" Lawler continues to recover at a hospital in Montreal after suffering a heart attack Monday night.

Many people are wondering how a man in such great shape could suffer from cardiac arrest so suddenly.

A local physician warns that the common symptoms are ones that many people may ignore.

"Heart attack is the number one killer in males and females in that age group," said Cardiology Specialist Eric Guerra.

Cardiology Specialist Eric Guerra says at 62 years old, Jerry Lawler's age may have played a factor in his heart attack.

Although Lawler was said to be in good health, Guerra says many people do not recognize the symptoms.

"Shortness of break, unexplained nausea, a lot of people might think they have a cold," said Guerra.

Lawler was seen in video being rushed out of a WWE event on a stretcher on Monday. CPR was administered immediately according to reports and Guerra says it might have saved Lawler's life.

"You frequently hear patients surviving cardiac arrest but then have brain damage or what they call brain dead which is terrible," said Guerra.

Wednesday, Lawler's girlfriend who traveled to be by his side, took to Facebook updating his condition:

"At this point he is getting a lot of rest. He can talk, but doctors have asked him to rest his vocal cords for the time being and relax as much as possible, so he is resting now...His CT scan of his brain came back NORMAL & he is just fine!"

Guerra says there are several risk factors we can modify to avoid heart disease.

"Diet, exercise, and keeping a healthy lifestyle," he encouraged.

Fans like Raymond Davis want to see Lawler make a full recovery, but they want him to take it easy.

"I'm sorry about what happened to him, age will get you. He need to stop wrestling and just do the announcing," said Davis.

There has been continuous support by Lawler's fans and supporters on Facebook and Twitter.

Lawler's son and family contacted Action News 5 to thank everyone for their prayers.

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