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Jerry Lawler walks for the first time since heart attack

Jerry "The King" Lawler (Source: Lauryn McBride) Jerry "The King" Lawler (Source: Lauryn McBride)

(WMC-TV) - Jerry "The King" Lawler's had a great start to his Thursday as he walked for the first time since his heart attack Monday night.  And for the first time since he was hauled away on a stretcher, the public is able to see how Lawler is doing.

Lauryn McBride, Lawler's girlfriend, updated Action News 5 on the wrestler's progress Thursday morning. She said she was able to get him to eat some oatmeal and eggs and he even walked around his hospital room.  She also sent Action News 5 the first photo of Lawler in the hospital.

"(and fixed his hair---for everyone knows how he is about his hair---lol.) They are now taking lines out and he is looking so good today!!!" McBride said in a text message to Action News 5's Joe Birch. "We will go for a walk in just a bit and s=do (sic) some more breathingexercises (sic). Will update as the day goes on."

Earlier, McBride said Lawler was having some trouble with his memory, but doctors believe that could improve once his sedatives wear off.

Doctors say they are pleased with his progress.

Lawler has been recovering in a Montreal hospital ever since he suffered a heart attack during a live WWE event Monday.

He underwent an angioplasty procedure and after several tests, doctors determined he did not suffer any brain damage.

McBride says the wrestler is very sore from the CPR chest compressions. But that he is also very aware of all the support he is receiving from around the world.

"It's just the two of us here now, so we've had time to kinda talk about what's going on and where he's at…how much everybody back in Memphis and how much his family and everybody loves him and cares about him," she said.

McBride went on to say that she is not sure when the doctors will release "The King" from the hospital, but she hopes it happens soon. Usually, cardiac patients at the Montreal hospital stay for five days.

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