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MY TURN: Carver High School protest

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(WMC-TV) - I'm here to applaud the students at Carver High School for their protest this week regarding the conditions as their school.

Among other things, they were complaining about mismanagement that resulted in some students having schedules that consisted only of lunch after lunch.  Also, the band and choir programs were eliminated and some parts of the school did not have air conditioning.

The student protest was peaceful and I certainly hope it will be productive. Running a large urban school district is harder than almost any of us could ever imagine. Having said that, I will also say this is appalling.

I'm glad these kids stood up for themselves when no one else would. I hope the entire administration of the Memphis City Schools is embarrassed by the news coverage this protest generated. There are really only two conclusions you can draw from this. Either the Carver students are being treated unfairly relative to students in other MCS high schools, or this is one messed up school system. Either conclusion is troubling.

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