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MTSU student recovers from meningitis scare

(WMC-TV) – Just days after a Middle Tennessee State University student died from complications related to meningitis, another MTSU student is recovering from a meningitis scare.

Hours after Lauren Forbess shared a drink with Jacob Nunley at a tailgating party, she began to feel sick. The two shared that drink two days before Nunley died from meningitis.

Lauren ended up in a Nashville hospital hours after she learned of Nunley's death.

"It was just so sudden, I was not prepared at all for any of this," she said. "We shared a cup, I mean, I didn't know he was sick. He's my friend. Didn't think anything about it."

Lauren is the daughter of Tipton County Court Clerk Mike Forbess.

"Late Saturday night early Sunday morning she became ill with symptoms of what you would have if you had the stomach virus, stomach bug, something like that," said Mike Forbess.

When Lauren learned that her friend and classmate had died from complications of bacterial meningitis she raced to the Vanderbilt University Hospital ER.

She was treated for meningitis but was never officially diagnosed.

"It's hard to say, it may have just been a coincidence that she became ill with a stomach virus," said her father.

Coincidence or not, Jacob Nunley is proof that the illness can rapidly become deadly.

"He was perfectly fine on Saturday. I was with him all day tailgating and getting ready for the game," said Lauren.

Lauren says her meningitis scare should serve as a wakeup call to everyone to be more cautious about sharing.

She has been released from the hospital. Even though she will never know whether she had meningitis, she says she regrets not being vaccinated when it was offered to her when she was a freshman.

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