South Cordova residents plan next move in fight against city of Memphis

South Cordova Residents Plan Next Move In Fight Against City Of Memphis

CORDOVA, TN - (WMC-TV) – Residents of recently annexed South Cordova are ramping up their fight against Memphis city hall. Hundreds showed up Tuesday night for a meeting to plan their next step.

Folks learned from the last meeting to hold this one in a larger venue. They did so at the Agricenter, where they learned more about a possible class action lawsuit against the city.

Unlike the last public meeting during which Memphis city leaders got an earful, hundreds of South Cordova residents were more cordial at this one but equally concerned about their recent annexation.

"The only thing we've received from the city so far is a green garbage can," one resident said.

And a tax bill residents like Carolyn Maier are mad about because they believe it unfairly included back taxes, which the city denies.

"My husband and I can probably in a way handle it but my daughter, who is a single mother, cannot," resident Carolyn Maier said.

An attorney who has represented the area for more than a decade still claims the annexation was illegitimate.

"It is my position, and I'm sticking to it, and that is that legally you are not in the city of Memphis," attorney Rick Winchester said.

His next step is to seek class action status on behalf of all affected homeowners. Meanwhile, residents are encouraged to send a form letter with their tax bill informing the city that it's being paid "under protest," by people who would rather still be in the county.

In addition to property taxes, people like Carolyn Maier are concerned about possible changes in school districts, something not expected to be affected, at least this school year.

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