PMS cure in a can? Pork and beans could be the secret!

PMS Cure In A Can? Pork And Beans Could Be The Secret!

(WMC-TV) – Could the cure for PMS be inside a can of pork and beans? It may sound crazy, but a new study may send some women, and men for that matter, to the grocery store.

Brandi Shaneyfelt suffered from PMS for years before she finally had a hysterectomy.

"It was very painful. Sometimes it was debilitating. You'd have to go home and go straight to bed," Shaneyfelt said. "Sometimes you had to have pain medicine and a heating pad and a bed."

If she'd only known a possible cure for cramps was in her kitchen cabinet!

A new study from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst says pork and beans, rich in B-vitamins Thiamine and Riboflavin, could prevent PMS!

It's a simple remedy, calling for a three ounce serving of lean pork and a cup of cooked beans on a regular basis.

"That's what's kind of nice about this study is that it provided something simple, something healthy, something safe and potentially very effective," said Dr. Kathleen Duper, a Family Medicine Specialist.

Effective if, and only if, you eat the pork and beans.

The study says results are not the same if the supplements are given in pill form.

"And I think, unfortunately, we live in a culture that we want that quick fix and we think that popping a pill is going to take care of things," Dr. Duper said.

Dr. Duper also points out this canned lifesaver is more about prevention than actual treatment, so before you clear out aisle three of all the pork and beans, approach the study cautiously.

"Any woman, it makes sense to take a stab at it and make some dietary changes," Dr. Duper says.

Brandi says she would have definitely cooked up a cure, if she'd only known.

"Sure I would try anything. Ha ha ha, that would definitely help!"

Researchers based their findings on dietary questionnaires of more than 3,000 women for over 10 years.

For more results from the study, and a list of more foods that could help prevent PMS, follow this link:

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