Police need your help identifying gas station murderer

One of the suspects in action!
One of the suspects in action!

(WMC-TV) - Police released a chilling image of a murder suspect at a North Mississippi gas station.  They hope by releasing the photo, someone will come forward who can help identify the suspect.

In the photos, you can see the gunman pointing his weapon during the murder.  In addition to the shooter, police are also looking for an accomplice.

The shooting happened at a Sardis, Mississippi gas station Monday night.

Police say two men showed up there around 11:30 p.m. and started shooting.

The only thing officers have to go by is the surveillance footage.

If you look closely you can actually see one of the shooters. He is wearing a unique jacket with some special markings on it.

Investigators are hoping that jacket is one of the clues that may help you recognize him and help officers track him down.

The jacket has been described as having skulls (possibly black skulls) on it.

If you recognize the suspect, please contact the Panola County Sheriff's Department at (662) 563-6230.

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