First Mid-South electric car charging station opens

First electric car charger opens in Mid-South

(WMC-TV) - There is only one solar powered charging station for electric cars in all of the Mid-South and it is located at Shelby Farms.

Betsy Jorgensen was one of the first drivers to use the new charging station. She and her husband plan to visit Shelby Farms to charge their car and take a nice walk or jog through the park while they wait.

During the charging station ribbon cutting, Mayor Mark Luttrell was upbeat about what this technology can do for the area.

"We're hoping to really highlight sustainability through this electrical charging station, hopefully encourage people to come out and use the park that maybe haven't used it before," said Mayor Luttrell.

You may be wondering how the charging station works.

Solar panels on top of the station pull in energy from the sun and store it. Drivers will pull in to one of the ten stalls, grab a charging unit, and plug in their electric vehicle.

All of the power that is used goes right back into the charging station and can be sold for a profit.

MLGW officials say they hope to begin buying several thousands of dollars worth of energy from the charging station each year.

"I think it will mean for this area an awareness that clean energy is possible. I think it will mean that this is a door, a small door into the future," said Henry Hutton, Chevy dealer.

The Shelby Farms charging stations are free to use.

Mayor Luttrell hopes that this is just one of many charging stations that will be opened up in the Mid-South.

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