'It can wait' campaign focuses on texting while driving dangers

'It can wait' campaign focuses on texting while driving dangers

(WMC-TV) – Most of us are guilty of trying to multitask at one point or another at the wheel. But a recent campaign is encouraging drivers to put the phone down.

Gut wrenching commercials are airing right now that grab viewer's attention. They are testimonies by survivors or families impacted by distracted driving.

A former marine, Memphis attorney Darrell Castle, was stirred by the story of a fellow marine who survived two tours of duty in Afghanistan only to return home and be killed while texting and driving.

"If only he had waited he would still be alive," said Castle.

Although personal injury is his livelihood, Castle is discouraging distracted driving by teaming up with AT&T's "It can wait" campaign by posting the commercials to his website.

"Whatever it is that seems that important to you, is it really worth having a terrible accident for?" said Castle.

With more than 30 years of experience, Castle says his law practice has had to adapt to the more frequent cases of texting at the wheel.

"It's the first question we ask now, 'Were you texting or did you see the other person doing that?'" he said.

AT&T declared September 19 as "No text on board pledge day".

Proclaiming that no text, email, video, or website is worth the risk of endangering a life, celebrities, teens, and drivers everywhere are taking the pledge that "It can wait."

"Don't do it would be the best advice I could give," said Castle.

In an effort to keep Memphis roadways as safe as possible, the Greater Memphis Chamber also announced Wednesday that the city is "on board" with the initiative.

Electronic billboards on the interstate give the report of the total number of traffic fatalities so far in Tennessee. As of Wednesday, that number stood at 726 deaths. That is 40 more lives lost than this time last year.

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