Andy's Consumer Reports: what to do with your old iPhone

(WMC TV) - Everyone wants the iPhone 5. At least, that's the expectation.

Every new release spawns another all-nighter. People stand in line and pay a premium for Apple's next big upgrade.

Suddenly, that old iPhone that served you well might as well be in the Smithsonian, at least in some people's minds.

Associated Press Technology Writer Barbara Ortutay shared these five options for your old iPhone:

* DONATE IT TO CHARITY. Wipe it clean of your personal information first, using a service like iHound. Ortutay said don't expect the charity to give it to someone in need. The charity will likely sell your donated phone to a recycler, then put the proceeds to charitable use.

* SELL IT. might make you an offer. may try to sell your old iPhone for you.

* TRADE IT IN AT GAMESTOP. The video game retailer offers either cash or store credit for old iPhones.


* RECYCLE IT WITH APPLE. If Apple determines your old iPhone is worth something, it might trade an Apple gift card for it.

Or you can be like me. Be happy with the iPhone you have.

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