Father charged after allegedly attacking 'mean' third grader

(WMC-TV) - A father is in trouble with the law after allegedly getting revenge on a third grader who he thought was being mean to his daughter. And now, papa bear has some explaining to do.

The father has been charged with second degree battery, false imprisonment, and terroristic threatening.

And it all started when Michael Stayton went to eat lunch at school with his daughter. What happened next, is shocking.

According to Tommy Knight, Riverside Public Schools Superintendent, Stayton ate lunch with his daughter at her school. And shortly after that, things got ugly.

At some point during the transition back to class, Stayton trapped three third grade students in a classroom. And during the scuffle, one of the students fell and broke his wrist.

Authorities say Stayton was trying to get even with a student who he thought was being mean to his daughter.

The incident has school leaders re-evaluating the protocol for allowing students and visitors in and out of the buildings. They are also considering hiring a school resource officer.

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