Fed up students stage lunch price protest

Fed up students stage lunch price protest

(WMC-TV) - Students at the University of Memphis are fed up with the high price of meals at the school.

So much so, that they staged a brown bag protest as a way to ask school leaders to bring the prices down.

Frustration over the cost of campus food and the lack of discounts for dining service workers sparked a boycott and protest against campus dining services. Now, students are forming their own Brown Bag Lunch Campaign.

In an effort to stop students from buying food from dining service vendors, members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council fraternities handed out brown bag lunches on campus Thursday.

University of Memphis food service employees do not receive a discount on meals.

Student who participated in the protest say their plan is to get enough students to stop buying food on campus, so that it will hurt Tiger Dining's business and hopefully lower the price of on-campus food.

"Some of the prices are okay, but some are too high for your market," said Deandre McBee, who participated in the protest. "Being that college students are the consumers, I feel like the prices are too high for the consumers of the resources that we're given or what we're paying for as far as the dining dollars they charge us on campus."

"Every year when are prices increase, we actually get graduate students to go out and survey the off-campus markets of the other students so we can do some price comparisons to make sure we are either the same as the market in the neighborhood or the community or under that market," said Assistant VP of Student Affairs Danny Armitage.

Some of the students also wrote special messages on their brown paper bags.

The group says it plans to protest every Thursday, and they are even considering circulating a petition to try to get the administration's attention.

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