Gun confiscated from student at Southaven Middle School

(WMC-TV) - Southaven Police are investigating after a gun was found inside Southaven Middle School Thursday.

Police say around 11 a.m. they were notified that a student at the middle school had brought a gun to class.

Officers found the 15-year-old and quickly took the student into custody.

The firearm was taken by police and no one was hurt.

The student never threatened to use the gun on any students and is now in the juvenile detention center in Southaven.

A statement sent to Action News 5 by DeSoto County Schools Director of Community Relations Katherine Nelson said:

"The eyes and ears of students at Southaven Middle School prevented any incident from occurring when a student was seen with a pistol at school.

Students immediately made school officials aware that a student was in possession of a weapon. Within five minutes, the student in question was taken to the principal's office. He surrendered the pistol to the principal without incident.

DeSoto County Schools has a zero-tolerance policy for firearms on a school campus. Safety is the number one priority in school district."

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