Neighborhood complains construction project was started and forgotten

Neighborhood complains construction project was started and forgotten

(WMC-TV) - Residents in an East Memphis neighborhood are upset and feeling forgotten after construction was started on their street – but never finished. They say it was an MLGW crew that started the project this past spring.

A three foot by four foot hold along Mallory Avenue, Dearing Road, and Danville Road runs nearly the entire length of the street.

It is causing headaches for residents like Xavier Brock.

"As you can see, the road is still very exposed with large holes in it. Someone can have an accident. Kids go to and from Willow Oaks every day. All the cars got to share this side of the street," said Brock.

MLGW says it is replacing cast iron pipe with ductile iron, which is more durable and reliable.

Glenn Thomas says the construction was necessary to change out the pipes.

"This particular neighborhood has experienced more water main breaks than any other in our service territory, so that's why we targeted this neighborhood," said Glenn Thomas, MLGW.

According to Thomas, the construction project began in May.

"They've been working real hard for a long time, but the construction really slowed down," said Brock.

As the work nears completion, MLGW crews are now busy filling in the holes.

"It does require some major construction of course. You're replacing the water system out there, but really what we're doing is trading off a short term inconvenience for long term reliability," said Thomas.

MLGW says it plans to have the work completed by the end of the week.

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