Edmondson, AR fire truck and fire station a bad fit

Edmondson, AR fire truck and fire station a bad fit

EDMONDSON, AR - (WMC-TV) – Action News 5 told you the fire department in Edmondson, Arkansas bought a fire truck too big for the fire station. We had to see it for ourselves.

It's a pricey fire truck at $160,000. The Edmondson chief showed me the fire truck and the bay it is supposed to go in.

"They can't get in and out because the truck is wider than the doors," Edmondson City Council member Larry Moore Said.

"That's not true," Edmondson Fire Chief Michael Dozier answered. "The truck fits in the building, it's just a close fit getting into the building."

Very tight, about six inches to spare on either side of the bay at the Edmondson fire house.

You might think you have to consider just the width of the truck when backing it out. But look at the mirrors. They really stick out. You have to consider how wide they are or you might knock them off.

You can see the damage already done to the truck: an aluminum piece is missing, and the building at the door is damaged.  The fire chief said an inexperienced driver did that. Yellow lines are now in place as a guide. The town of just over 500 people bought the $160,000 truck with a federal grant a year ago. A grant also was used to buy the fire house.

"We had a fire station constructed before we bought the truck," Moore said.

The chief has heard the criticisms.

"Why would you buy a truck that won't fit in the building," Dozier said.

"I wouldn't say I have been critical. I have been concerned," said Moore.

It is going to cost $4,200 to widen the door. The chief says the money is being donated privately. Council member Larry Moore says he's not so sure.  No matter what, the town of Edmondson's 18 member volunteer fire department services surrounding cities and needs the pumper because it holds water in an area without fire hydrants.

For some, $4,200 may not sound like a lot, but for a town like Edmondson it is a lot. But the fire chief assured me the money is there for a wider door.

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