Memphis rap artist diagnosed with West Nile Virus

Memphis rap artist diagnosed with West Nile Virus

(WMC-TV) - A Tennessee rap artist has been diagnosed with the West Nile Virus. His friends and family are now rallying around him.

Brabo Gator's Facebook fans are sending their support and prayers online after hearing he slipped into a coma as a result of the virus spread by mosquitoes.

Tennessee's Brabo Gator raps about prayer in his song "Lambo Money" and according to his music manager Stephen Moore, Brabo needs prayer now, more than ever.

"He walked out of the booth and collapsed," said Moore.

Fans learned of the musician's illness from Facebook Thursday after Moore posted an update that Brabo had been hospitalized.

"They've now got the test results back and they did confirm that it is West Nile," said Moore.

According Moore, Brabo is not being treated at a Mid-South hospital and they do not want to release his location.

"The good news is that they now have the proper diagnosis, the bad news is that his lungs did suffer damage and that they are heavily scarred," explained Moore.

Thousands of fans took to the rappers Facebook page to express their concern. Moore says Brabo was scheduled to make an appearance in the Bluff City Friday for a mix-tape release.

"Brabo would just like to apologize to everybody who was going to come out to the New Daisy theater in downtown Memphis and see him," said his music manager.

Moore says Brabo's condition is improving and he has regained consciousness.

The virus has taken a toll on his body but Moore says Brabo is still passionate about his music.

"According to the doctors, he's not going to be rapping again. According to him, he'll be recording the day they let him out of there," said Moore.

Moore says he will continue to update fans on Brabo's recovery through Facebook.

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